Terminals for enclosures
EL000 to EL666


- series of screw terminal boxes intended for build in to enclosure EL
- terminals delivered open immediately ready for mounting
- body of terminals made from self-quenching safety plastic
- terminals with combined cross head screws M3
- terminals with captive left-turn-resistant screws
- output with soldering eyelets
- very fast, convenient for electric screw drivers
- tested and approved according European norms EN60998-1, EN60998-2-1, EN60999-1


Soldering contact gap 6,5 mm
Maximum current 20 A AC
Nominal voltage 450 V AC
Cross section of connecting wire 0,1 ... 4 mm2  
Dielectric strength contact-contact 4000 V
Flammability resistance UL94V1
Body of terminal material Noryl SE1 (General Electric)
Protection category IP20
Ambient temperature -25 ... +85 C
Humidity up to up to 93% by 25C

Photos of terminal

Code of terminals ELXXX :
X = 6 - position with contact
X = 0 - position without contact
Sample of terminal

Coding of terminals

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